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Welcome to the web page for the Emetophobia FAQ and related FAQs. FAQ stands for frequently asked questions and FAQs are full of facts. This is the original Internet site about emetophobia, the fear of vomiting. This FAQ has been on the Web since December 1997. These FAQs have been written and are maintained by an emetophobe. Emetophobes usually refer to themselves as emets for short.

So there's no confusion, emetophobia is pronounced e-MET-uh-pho-bi-a and FAQ is pronounced to rhyme with "tack." Feel free to e-mail with any comments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emetophobia

This brief question and answer essay explains what emetophobia is, how people become emetophobic, how emetophobia affects the lives of its sufferers, and what emetophobics can do to make emetophobia have a less severe impact in their daily lives. The lives of many emetophobics have been changed by understanding the contents of this FAQ. Before reading it, many thought they were the only one with an all-consuming fear of vomiting.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Vomiting

    Vomiting is an ordinary occurrence for most people but something unknown and terrifying for emetophobics. This FAQ describes the vomiting act and its causes and offers insights into what one can do to prevent vomiting. It gives basic information that emetophobics and others can incorporate into their personal knowledge bases so that one can have a greater control over the act and be better able to recognize signs that vomiting is or is not about to occur. It contains surprising statistics about how often people vomit and who is most likely to experience this phenomenon.

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    Celebrating the time we've gone without vomiting

    This is a page where hundreds of emetophobics have posted the date they last vomited, which is an average of 17 years ago! This page is designed to validate for emetophobics that many, many people have gone most of their lives without vomiting and give them strength that they can persevere too.

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    Overcoming emetophobia

    These are stories of how people have been cured of their emetophobia or tried to. Some people have succeeded in eliminating emetophobia from their lives while others have learned what will not work for them and new ways of coping. Other emets can learn from their experience as they seek out their own solution to emetophobia.

    What is "normal" vomiting behavior?

    How often is usual or unusual to vomit? Despite vomiting having been universal as long as people have lived, the world -- including doctors, scientists, and others who should know -- is unable to answer this question. Some people vomit frequently and some almost never. Thanks to surveys done for these FAQs, data is available on the ordinary frequency of vomiting.

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